Saturday, May 12, 2012

Zooming Along

As some of you may know, one of my hobbies (aside from drawing sewing and baking) is riding my motorcycle! My fiancé also rides and races, and has taken me to several track days. For anyone out there who doesn't know, a track day is where you can pay for a day at the race track to ride around with other people of a similar experience level as you, while also having an ambulance on stand-by should anything unexpected occur. In my opinion, while a ride through the canyons on a beautiful day can be wonderful an scenic, if you're wanting to become a better rider and really push the limits of your bike to see what you can do, the track is the best place! There's no cars, it's designed to be fun, fast and technical and as stated before, safety percussions are already in place should anything happen. Aside from that it's super fun, and you feel awesome when you get your knee down! The other fun part is they usually have photographers setup around the track taking pics as you ride by. This painting was based off of a photo took of me at Cal Speedway. I was wanting to play around with a quick easy style, just laying colors down loosely and quickly and this is what I came up with. I am pretty happy with it, although I still have a ways to go on my visual understanding of motorcycles, but that's why we practice! ^_^ Hope you like it!
Thanks for swinging by! More coming soon, I promise. For those of you looking for Glee Cheerios Costume posts, I really do have something fun in store for you all. My job has just kept me super busy lately which is causing me to put my personal projects on hold. Thank you for your patience, I read all your comments and am doing my best to get something together for you all! <3 Hannah

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  1. Hello Hannah,
    My first vist through some search entry about knees which brought up your older drawing 'Sleeping on knees', which I liked, and the randomness will probably make this my only visit. (Two trains passing...)
    Nice painting this is.
    Apart from the blurry backgrounds the speed is expressed in an excellent way by your position on the bike.
    Funny, when I read your sentence 'I was wanting to play around with a quick easy style' I initially - as a guy - thought that you were talking about your bike practice on the track. Naturally you were referring to your painting. The funny mix up made me type this little reaction.
    Have fun with your painting and your bike.
    Dirk from the Netherlands.